Welcome to the Magical World of Dolls and Bears
JOPY TWINS are our original dolls. Together they measure 22 inches long. Each doll has her own lovely painted face and unique dress. Enjoy Jopy Twin 1 today and Jopy Twin 2 tomorrow. Just give her a flip and a new girl appears. The completed doll comes with 'JOPY DOLLS' tags- each girl has her own name and registered number. . Also each doll comes with a registration application. Return it to me and I'll send you your "adoption certificate".Pattern also available.
Our Pumpkin bear stands 32 in tall. "Pumpky" has jointed arms and legs. You can see he wears a bright orange pumpkin around his body and green tights. Look at Pumpky's bag. He carries a burlap "boo" bag with a sweet kitty peeking out. On his shoulder sits a little bird perched atop cinnamon slicks in the shadow of his black felt hat. He's a wonderful accessory but a year round friend. .
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Our Christmas Bear has a unique seasonal look. "Hope" is 24 in tall. Her sweet smile is framed by her star and a decorated Christmas tree branch adorns her upper body. The tree is decorated with bows, balls and garland. She wears a lovely Christmas skirt. Hope holds a patchwork pattern stocking with surprises for everyone. Hope is a Christmas treasure to add to your family traditions.
Our greeter dolls are always ready to welcome your friends home. Mrs. Greeter stands about 37 in tall. She wears a lovely country dress and a pinafore apron. Additional seasonal dresses and aprons are avaiable. Christmas cape and accessories are available to welcome your Christmas company.
Mr. Greeter comes dressed in overalls, a country shirt and a bandana scarf. He loves to stand next to his sweetie and at Chrismtmas becomes a caroler. He has a green felt coat, plaid pants and scarf and a black top hat. What a handsome couple they make. Pattern and list of other clothing itmes available.
Freida Frog would love to hop into your life. Freida is 12 in tall and is weighted to sit where ever she likes! She wears pearls, a straw hat and a lovely plaid skirt. Her sassy smile will win your heart. Change her dress and hat and she is ready for the Easter parade.
Dreammie Dreammie

Glitter on their cheeks
Glitter on their toes
Dreammie sees and Dreammie knows

Put your dreams in the box
Close your eyes real tight
Some dreams come true
And yours just might.
Our little dreammies are our newest additions. Put your dreams in the box and close your eyes and wish. Dreammies are 7 in tall. They have porcelain like head, arms and feet. Each dreammie has its own dream box.
  Elfin is dreaming of Christmas. He is dressed in a green felt hat and coat and red tights, Elfin has a special red box filled with surprises and his special dream envelope for you to write your own wishes.
 Pansy loves her dream box - she is so sassy with her big glittered feet and bright flowered dress. She hides all her wishes in her purple box. Why don't you put your wishes in with hers.

 Bridie is dreaming of her wedding day. She is dressed in a lace dress and carries a rose bouquet. Who knows what treasures she has in her dream box.

Sleepy Susie is ready for bed, dressed in her flannel pj's and holding her favorite bear. Her dreams are safely packed away in her bright turquoise box

Penelope - well what can we say - her envelope is stuffed full of dreams of a movie star...

Sweet Maureen looks so proper in her polka dress and matching hat and purse. What can her dreams be?

 We can custom make a dreammie just for you. Need a Nurse? Teacher? Fisherman? We can do it.
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Introducing Our New Line Hattie McBear
View Our Full Line of Hattie McBear HERE-see Hattie's new friend - Harold
Hattie McBear
Hattie McBride is our beautiful blushing bride.  Hatties dress is coverd in lace with a border of pearls and a pearl shaped heart on the bodice.  Her hat is entirely covered in fabric trimmed with lace, tulle and pearls   Ready for her special day, Hattie carries a clutch of white roses trimmed with tulle, ribbon and pearls. Custom colors can be made on request
Harold McGroom  is dressed in his black pants, polka dot tie and top hat ready for the big day.  Harold has his ring ready for his bride.  Harold too is 24 inches and fully jointed.  He may be ordered in custom colors- please contact us
jopy_dolls001016.jpg jopy_dolls001014.jpg
 Witchie always thinks its time for Halloween 
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Sleepy Susie
jopy_dolls001008.jpg jopy_dolls001007.jpg
Harold and Hattie McHolly are ready for the holiday season.  Hattie is dressed in a victorian pinafore and wears a matching hat accented with christmas greens balls and tulle.  Harold has matching overalls and has a red bow tie, red felt hat and carries a stocking ready to be filled. 
As with all the McBears, they are fully jointed and their clothes are removable Additional outfits are available  for every day and holiday wear.
Harold loves his bow ties and has many selections .
Harold and Hattie McSnow are ready for that crisp, frosty day.  They are dressed in matching outfits of blue and white accented with snowflakes and snowmen .  Hattie's hat is covered in matching fabric and trimmed with tulle, snowballs and pearls.  Harold has a red bow tie cap an stocking ready for the holiday season.
They are available indivually or as a holiday pair.
jopy_dolls001005.jpg jopy_dolls001004.jpg
Hattie and Harold McCandy  are part of our 2015 Christmas collection.  Ready for a day on the town, Hattie is dressed in her red pinafore accented with candy cane and trees.  Her felt hat is decorated with tulle, lace and topped with a snowball!. 
Harold is a handsome guy in his red corduroy overalls.  His cap, bow tie  and stocking match Hattie's dress .
What a happy holiday couple.
Hattie McAlloween is our favorite Halloween Girl. Hattie is dressed in her pretty pumpkin pinafore.  Hattie is ready for Halloween evening wearing her black felt mask and witches hat.
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Our Christmas Bears think its always time   to show their faces