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Hattie McAlloween is our seasonal special in our new Hattie McBear  line.  She is dressed in her pretty pumpkin pinafore.  Hattie is ready for Halloween wearing her black felt hat and mask.
Ms. McAlloween is 24 in tall and fully jointed
Hattie McFall is the first in our new line. Ms. McFall is prepared for the crisp autumn air.  She is dressed in a happy sunflower pinafore (that is removable) and a dashing hat adorns her head.
Hattie is 24 in tall and is fully jointed.  Her sweet sassy face says "take me home"
Hattie McDaisy is ready to go to market dressed in her striped blue pinafore dotted with summer daisies.  Her wicker hat is covered in her favorite yellow and white daisies with a splash of tulle.
Ms. McDaisy is 24 in tall and is fully jointed.  Her hat and pinafore are removable.
Hattie McPatriot is dressed in her favorite red and blue pinafore.  Her matching hat is covered in fabric and accented  with red tulle and pearls- do I see a lady bug? Always ready for a party Hattie is wearing her pearls and tied her dress with a dashing red tulle sash
Hattie McVilolet is our purple princess in our new Hattie McBear   line.  She is dressed in her purple and white pinafore .  She is ready for her trip to town carrying her matching purse and baby bear.  No outfit is complete for Hattie without her "going to town" bonnet.  White and purple flowers accented with purple tulle make her sweet face shine.
Hattie is 24 in tall and is fully jointed.
Hattie McBeach can hardly wait for a day at the seashore.  She is wearing her turquoise pin striped pinafore.  Her sassy hat matches her pinafore and is accented with shells and tulle - ready for fun in the sun.
Hattie McApple has put on herbest apple picking pinafore for a day  of fun.  Her hat is covered in little red apples , tulle. flowers and a blue rope bow to complete her outfit.  As with all the McBear  line, she is fully jointed, 24 in tall and her pinafore and hat are removable.
Hattie McPretty is ready for afternoon tea.  She is dressed in her lovely peachy-pink pinafore covered in tiny bunches of flowers.  Always a lady, she is wearing her stylish bonnet accented wit tulle and soft pastel flowers.  Her hat and pinafore are removable.
All Hattie McBears are  24 inches tall and fully jointed.  We have made the pinafore and hat removable so that you may dress her for special occasions. Additional Hats and Pinafores are available.  Hattie comes with her own identification card as a Hattie McBear-Jopy  Dolls Original
Hattie McEaster is ready for the Easter Parade dressed in her lavender polka dot pinafore and carrying her easter bosket filled with pastel eggs.  Her hat is decorated with tulle, flowers and matching bow.  ...and look who she is bringing to the parade with her - her new playmate- Harold
And Here He is
                                HAROLD McBear (and his bride too)  
Hattie McBride is ready for her wedding day dressed in her lace, tulle, and pearl dress with matching hand made hat and bouquet. Hattie makes a perfect wedding or shower gift. 
Hattie McHolly  is part of our 2015 Christmas Collection.  Hattie is dressed in a victorian pinafore a wears a matching fabric covered hat accented with Christmas greens and tulle and Christmas balls
Harold McHolly is the perfect match for his favorite girl Hattie. His matching overalls , bright red bow tie and felt hat and stocking make him proud to be her beau.
Hattie and Harold McSnow make a  perfect holiday couple dressed in matching outfits of blue and white covered in snowflakes and snowmen.  As with all McBears  they are fully jointed and their clothes are removable.
Hattie and Harold McCandy are ready for some winter fun.  Harold can never decide which bow tie to wear - he has lots of choices to match his red corduroy pants.  Hattie is always pretty in her red felt hat topped with a snowball.
Christmas Bears