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Jopy Dolls was created 30 years ago in our back bedroom - eventually over flowing into the garage ( and yes, it was very hot in Florida in the summer.

I loved to create new patterns and birth new "dolls".- my husband said "Why not share?" Armed with love for encouragement and an array of "fabrics I just had to have" and a mom that taught me all about sewing - we embarked on another career.
I am a florist by day and doll maker by night. My husband and I worked together for many years but then he travelled as a floral wholesaler and I managed and designed in a family owned flower shop.

It is not unusual for you to visit and find arms and legs hanging from lines haphazardly strung through the garage- little pink and purple feet air drying, while mom sits at one sewing machine and I at another - the whole table shaking and rattling - little bodies and paws everywhere.
Orders hang on the bulletin board - dates highlighted -"Must be ready for ____________"
You see my husband is my #1 salesman and he takes orders all over Florida for delivery on his next trip to each area of the state.

So join us on this trip to fantasia - create your own"love" - our patterns are available for each item we have listed as such. We have done our best to make them easy to follow and correct but you can always reach me at jopydolls@yahoo.com - I'll help in anyway I can
About Us
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