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Our original Jopy Twins are 22" and come in a variety of colors. Each comes with registration form to be completed and returned for an official Jopy doll adoption certificate.
Pumpky is 32" and wants to come to your home. He has his boo bag and kitty ready for a long stay. Pumpky is dressed for the trip with his tall black felt hat and bright green tights. He is a wonderful year round addition to your home.
Freida stands 21" tall but she much prefers to sit-anywhere she pleases. She has a perky smile, wears a straw bonnet and of course would never go anywhere without her pearls. Freida will soon be available in other outfits, for the nurse , athlete or other special person in your life. Visit our website for more ideas or contact us by email.
Hope's sweet smile is a welcome addition any time of the year. She is 24" tall and wears a red or green skirt. She carries her own Chrismtas stocking filled with goodies. Her head is adorned with a star and she has a decorated Christmas tree of her own around her shoulders. She will win your heart as she becomes part of your Chris tmas tradition.
Mrs. Greeter is ready in her country dress, straw hat and pinafore to welcome everyone who arrives at your door. Additional seasonal aprons are available and she and Mr. G. look wonderful in their caroler outfits to usher in the holiday season. Mr.s G's playful side has a Hallowe'en outfit too. She is approx. 37" tall.
Mr. Greeter looks jaunty in his blue overalls and plaid shirt as he wears his straw hat for a day in the fields. He loves to dress up too-his caroler outfit with felt coat and plaid pants and scarf make Mrs. G. proud to stand by his side. He even dresses up for Hallowe'en to greet trick or treaters at your door.
That silly grin and those glitter covered feet - Pansy is just looking for some one to love her. She sits on her dream box and keeps her envelope of dreams hidden from all but you. Oops - she almost fell off her box! Dreammies make wonderful gifts for those hard to buy for friends. collect them all.
Bridie makes a special gift for that new bride in your life. She can be customized with a colored bouquet and box of your choice to fill with her dreams. Each dreammie comes with her own dreammie card and poem.
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Completed 44.95 S/H 9.50 Item JP301

Completed 54.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP401

Completed 139.95 S/H to be determined Item 501

Completed 149.95 S/H to be determined Item JP601

Completed 44.95 S/H 9.50 Item JP700

Completed 44.95 S/H 8.50 Item JP120

Completed 44.95 S/H 8.50 Item JP900
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Hattie McBear 
jopy_dolls004019.jpg jopy_dolls004018.jpg jopy_dolls004017.jpg jopy_dolls004016.jpg
Hattie McAlloween is always ready for a Halloween Party - but when she is at home she can be dressed in so many different pinafore- she loves playing dress up.  Hattie is 24 inches tall and fully jointed.
Completed  49.95 S/H  20.00 ItemJP101
Hattie McFall is ready for for a stroll in the park.  Her sunny smile and pinafore make her a happy friend.
Hattie is 24 in and fully jointed
Completed 49.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP102
Hattie McDaisy is a simple country girl.  Hattie loves to play outside and and watch the flowers grow.  Can Hattie play with you?.
Completed 49.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP103
Hattie McPatriot is an all american girl.  Hattie loves to dress is her red, white and blue dress.  Tea parties are her favorite pastime..
Completed 49.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP104
Hattie McPretty loves her flowered dress and stylish hat. Hattie is always ready for a day trip to town. 
Completed 49.95 s/h 20.00. Item JP105
Hattie McApple loves to wear her apple pinafore and matching hat everywhere she goes.  Hattie is 24 in tall and fully jointed and her hat and pinafore are removeable
Completed 49.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP106
Hattie McBeach is ready for a day in the sun with her pretty bonnet topped  with sea shells and tulle.  Her matching pinafore completes her seashore outfit.
Completed 49.95 S/H20.00 Item JP107
Hattie McPurple has her own teddy bear tucked into her matching purse - always ready for a shopping trip
Completed 49.95 S/H 20.00 Item JP108
Hattie McEaster has a basket of pastel  eggs and a matching bonnet - look for Hattie's new beau coming soon
Completed 49.95 s/h   20.00 Item JP109
Harold is Hattie's new Easter playmate - dressed in his purple overalls and preppy polka dot bow tie.
Completed 49.95 s/h 20.00 JP110 
Hattie McBride is a 24 inch fully jointed plush bear.  Hattie is dressed in lace, tulle ad pearls with matching hand made hat and clutch bouquet.  Perfect for bridal shower or wedding gift
Completed JP111  54.95 
Harold McGroom is the perfect mate for Hattie McBride.  He is ready for his wedding day in top hat bow tie and ring box.
Completed JP112  49.95
jopy_dolls004010.jpg jopy_dolls004009.jpg
Witchie is 12 in tall and has a weighted "bottom".so she can sit wherever she wants.  Her double cape, fashion hat and broom make her a lovely addition to your Halloween decorations or for a party hostess gift.
Item JP113 24.95
S/H   6.50
jopy_dolls004007.jpg jopy_dolls004006.jpg jopy_dolls004005.jpg
Sassy Carmen   is all dressed in her matching dress and hat.  Carmen loves her new hat covered in fabric, tulle and ribbons.  Carmen dreams of becoming a fashion queen
Wally Workout Bear is always ready for a day at the gym.  He is 25 inches tall and fully jointed
Completed 49.95 s/h  20.00 JP121
Belinda Ballerina can hardly wait for her recital..  Belinda is dressed in her pink sparkly tutu and matching body suit.  Her Tierra makes her feel like a star.
Completed 49.95 s/h 20.00 JP122
jopy_dolls004004.jpg jopy_dolls004003.jpg
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Christmas Bears 
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