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It's the witchie jamboree!!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Greeter get ready for a day at the market. Which apron shall she wear?

and sister
bodies everywhere... twins in the making.
Jopy Twins prepare to go to their new homes
Honey, Hope and Pumpky smile for the camera
I'm a friendly scarecrow!
Kitty is ready to go trick or treating with Pumpky.
Freida poses for her portrait.
Its Christmas time in the country
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Hattie McBear
Is it time for the beach?
Tea time
Witchie is ready for a night on the town
Holiday time for Hattie and Harold
Dreammie   Dreammie
Is it our wedding day?
I'm ready for Fall
Did you say Halloween Party?
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Harold McSnow.
Harold and Hattie McCandy
Harold and Hattie McHolly
Hattie McSnow
For any member of the Jopy Doll Family you see here that does not appear on the order page- please contact us at jopydolls@yahoo.com for prices and availability
Christmas Bears